Organizational Leadership, M.S./Master of Divinity

The Combined Master of Divinity and Master of Science in Organizational Leadership (Leadership for the Nonprofit Organization Concentration), is a program developed in collaboration between Mercer’s McAfee School of Theology and College of Professional Advancement. It is designed to incorporate advanced theological training with leadership and organizational studies, providing students with the essential knowledge for ministry, as well as the tools and best practices they will need in order to excel in today’s complex organizations. The combined program provides every student with opportunities for personal spiritual formation and development, as well as practical experience in his or her chosen field of ministry.

Designed to promote excellence in the governance and leadership of nonprofit philanthropic organizations, the combined degree program prepares students to lead others effectively and identify innovative solutions to challenges in a variety of professional settings. The concentration prepares graduates for a successful leadership career in a high-growth sector through the acquisition of key skills associated with promotion, strategic planning, fund development, board governance, and recruitment. Nonprofits might include para-church organizations, community organizations, neighborhood associations, child welfare agencies, family support centers, healthcare organizations, municipal offices, and civic groups. 


Upon completion of the program, students will be prepared to:

  • Understand concepts, principles, and processes related to the United States federal and state laws under which nonprofit organizations operate and be able to consider their effect on the establishment and operation of nonprofit organizations.
  • Understand Budgeting and fund development for the nonprofit sector.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the current and future role of human resources in nonprofit organizations and apply strategies for acquiring, managing, developing, and retaining volunteers and board members.
  • Demonstrate and broaden perspectives of nonprofits through examination of major themes and concepts incorporated throughout the program.


Applicants must meet the admission requirements for both the McAfee School of Theology's Master of Divinity and the College of Professional Advancement's M.S. in Organizational Leadership.