Our Leadership Team

The College of Professional Advancement remains a leader in championing the higher education goals of busy adults. Under the guidance of notable leadership, our faculty and staff commit to providing relevant programs and resources for students. We design our coursework and services with adult learners in mind, enabling us to make student success a reality. Meet our leadership team:

Office of the Dean

Dr. Priscilla Danheiser

Dean of the College of Professional Advancement
Professor of Psychology


Gail Johnson

Associate Dean


Assistant Deans

Caroline M. Brackette

Assistant Dean for Experiential Learning and Strategic Partnerships

Colleen Stapleton

Assistant Dean
Chair, Department of Mathematics, Science, Informatics


Chair, Department of Liberal Studies

Chair, Department of Leadership Studies

Chair, Department of Human Services and Psychology

Chair, Department of Mathematics, Science, and Informatics

Chair, Department of Counseling 

Director, Office of Distance Learning

Director of the Office of Distance Learning (ODL)

Writing Coordinator

Coordinator of New Student Advising and Retention

Program Coordinators

Program Coordinator, M.S. in Human Services

Program Coordinator, B.S. and M.S. in Health Informatics

Program Coordinator, B.A. in Communication

Program Coordinator, B.S. in Human Services

John Carroll

Program Coordinator, M.S. in Organizational Leadership

Program Coordinator, M.S. in Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling

Program Coordinator, B.S. in Human Resources Administration and Development

Program Coordinator, B.S. in Information Technology and Informatics and B.S. in Software Application Development and Human-Computer Interaction

Program Coordinator, B.S. in Psychology

Program Coordinator, M.S. in School Counseling

Program Coordinator, M.S. in Criminal Justice and Public Safety Leadership

Program Coordinator, M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Program Coordinator, B.S. in Criminal Justice Leadership and B.S. in Homeland Security and Emergency Management

Program Coordinator, Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision

Program Coordinator, Pre-Health

Associate Program Coordinator, B.S. in Healthcare Leadership