Liberal Studies

On behalf of the faculty of the Department of Liberal Studies, I would like to welcome you to our home on the web. The Department of Liberal Studies continues the Mercer tradition of making a liberal arts foundation for professional and personal development accessible to working adults throughout Georgia. The purpose of a liberal arts education is not only to provide students with a strong educational foundation for their personal and professional lives, but also to free them for fuller and richer citizenship in a world in which different cultures, social institutions, and technologies interconnect in multiple and changing ways.

The Liberal Studies department provides a liberal arts foundation or connection to the professional degree programs offered in Mercer’s Regional Academic Centers. Our faculty is committed to fostering a creative, supportive, challenging, and respectful learning environment for all students.

The Department also offers a Bachelor of Liberals Arts degree. The Bachelor of Liberal Studies degree program is designed specifically for adult learners who want a challenging academic experience, but need a program that is flexible and convenient given their active lives. The major provides an individualized program of study in which students may choose interdisciplinary concentrations that foster intellectual growth. Concentrations include Communication Studies, Historical Studies, Literary Studies, Religious Studies, as well as other interdisciplinary concentrations.

Our students are of various ages and backgrounds, but share a common goal of completing their college degrees to complement their active professional lives and to achieve their personal goals. The diversity in age, background, and life experience creates a community of learning that prepares our students for pursuing graduate degrees, rewarding careers, and personal enrichment. Students who bring with them previous academic work may find that with this program, they are able to complete their studies in good fashion by combining their work in various fields.

Fred Wayne Bongiovanni, Ph.D.
Chair and Professor of Sociology and Religion

Liberal Studies Programs