Globalization and Engagement (GLEN) Certificate

Earn college credit while gaining a global perspective

Students have the opportunity to participate in an immersive study abroad experience through Mercer University’s Globalization and Engagement (GLEN) Certificate program. Students gain global, international, and transcultural perspectives that they can apply to their studies and careers. The program consists of four courses:

  • GLEN 225 Languages in Contact
  • GLEN 235 Globalization and Social Change
  • GLEN 245 Interpreting Narratives Across Cultures and Around the World
  • GLEN 301 Global Liberal Studies Practicum

The Global Liberal Studies Practicum gives students the opportunity to travel abroad to experience different cultures and explore language skills. The GLEN Certificate program is open to all majors, and students may apply the credit hours for the certificate toward general education requirements.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the Globalization and Engagement (GLEN) Certificate program, students will be able to:

  • Communicate effectively with others across cultures and around the world
  • Explain how global systems change the world and our cross-cultural relations in it
  • Interpret the cross-cultural and global texts, practices, and artifacts that constitute our
    worlds of meaning
  • Engage the values that are at stake in relationships across cultures and around the world

Designed for busy and working adults

Mercer’s College of Professional Advancement offers the Globalization and Engagement Certificate with the schedules of working adult students in mind. Courses are a combination of online and face-to-face sessions with classes held at Mercer’s Henry County location. GLEN trips include weekends and holidays where possible, to limit the time participants need away from work. We also design the program to be flexible, allowing students to take advantage of the Global Liberal Studies Practicum without pursuing the certificate. This option will include enrolling in only one of the three other required courses.


For more information about the certificate program, please contact:

Dr. Tim Craker, Program Coordinator

Jason Holloway, Co-Instructor