Narrative Theory Study Abroad

Mercer’s  Office of Study Abroad “facilitates foreign educational experiences in order to support students’ liberal education and enhance the individual’s pursuit of vocation.  Students who study abroad at Mercer University demonstrate stronger skills in critical thinking, problem-solving, and cross-cultural communication, all of which aid students’ understanding of globalization and prepare them for life in the complex and interdependent world of the twenty-first century. “ Further, “faculty-led study abroad programs allow students to learn more about another culture and earn academic credit while being mentored by a Mercer faculty member in a foreign cultural setting.”

Holland Narrative Study Abroad ParticipantsDr. Redmond and Dr. Sabrina Walthall, Assistant Professor of Science, have been leading a Narrative Therapy/Theory COUN 611 – Special Topics course each summer since 2012. The study abroad component of our Narrative Theory course takes place in Leiden, Holland and Paris, France, and is 10 days. The experience is designed to serve the working adults of the College of Professional Advancement who might not be able to complete a longer Study Abroad trip and while still promoting the benefits of leaving a ‘comfort zone’ and experiencing an international educational experience. Further however, Dr. Redmond has sought out students who have never traveled overseas as a way to enhance their own life story and inspiration.

While this trip has taken place annually since 2012, beginning in the Summer of 2014, Mercer Counseling students received CSN sponsored travel scholarships to participate.



Holland Narrative Study Abroad Participants


Jessica Sullivan 
John Mark Parker 
Brittany Woods 
Chelyan McComas
Scott Lawrence 
Colin Clayton 
Halle Matula 
Sade Bowman 
Kahlor Lutz 
Yeira De Leon 
Dr. Sabrina Walthall
Dr. Don Redmond


Jonathan Brown
Phillip Atkinson
Lynn Paige
Salima Hart
Tyann Mosley
Kimberly Griffin
Steyonna Jones
Elissa Keller
Haleemah Harris
Nichelle Reefer
Amelia Sullivan
Carrie Corbett
Sonal Patel
Shanate Porter
Victoria Glover
Sonya Freeman-Moss
Felicia Tillman
Dr. Don Redmond


Stephanie Smith
Kimberly Song
Amber Huey
Kaley Ivins
Jasonn Randolph
Keomi Dorsey
Khaliliah Smith
Tamara Perkins
Mary Elizabeth Teem
Tomi Monroe
Caroline Fernandes
Dr. Don Redmond
Dr. Sabrina Walthall


Felicia Tillman
Marlon Williams
Necole Bryant
Jenny Heur
Ben Thompson
David John
BJ Word
Mellisa Waller
Crystal Hardy
Tiha Baker
Dr. Don Redmond
Dr. Caroline Brackette


Dr. Don Redmond
Dr. Sabrina Walthall
Tanyeka Hayes
Mercianna Oliver
Stephanie Garcia
Lisa Taylor
Tykeisha Everhart
Brandie Williams
Z'Ashley Burns
Jennifer Harbin
Amy Ghandi
Terah Davis


Sara Morgan
Erica Medoni
Kevin Montgomery
Z'Ashley Burns
Dr. Don Redmond
Amy Ghandi
Jennifer Harbin


Willie Wlison
Cherry Hymes
Erica Madoni
Dr. Don Redmond
Dr. Sabrina Walthall