Program Requirements

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the program, students will be prepared to:

  • Understand and follow the Code of Professional Ethics for Rehabilitation Counselors
  • Understand the laws that affect individuals with disabilities and will be able to advocate for the rights of those individuals
  • Understand the concept of choice, self-advocacy and self-determination, and promote these concepts throughout the rehabilitation process
  • Value the worth and dignity of all individuals and view individuals with disabilities as equal partners in the rehabilitation process
  • Demonstrate the ability to practice counseling techniques, job placement skills, and career strategies that will assist individuals with disabilities to develop the skills and competencies they need to function effectively in society
  • Know the technology and accommodations that are available to provide individuals with disabilities access to work, leisure, and school activities

Program plan

Area I: Professional Studies (22 hours)
Required Courses
COUN 605 Group Counseling and Group Work
COUN 606 Counseling Skills & Techniques
COUN 612 Counseling Theory
COUN 618 Ethics and Professional Issues
COUN 625 Case Management and Consultation
RHAB 601 Introduction to Rehabilitation Counseling
RHAB 612 Medical Aspects of Disability

Area II: Content and Related Studies (29 hours)
Required Courses
COUN 604 Psychopathology and Diagnosis
COUN 608 Addictions Counseling
COUN 613 Social and Cultural Diversity
COUN 614 Human Growth and Development
COUN 617 Assessment and Testing
COUN 621 Research and Program Evaluation
COUN 630 Professional Seminar
COUN 645 Crisis, Trauma, and Grief Counseling
RHAB 604 Psychosocial Aspects of Disability
RHAB 606 Occupational Information and Job Placement
RHAB 630 Examination Review Seminar

Area III: Clinical Practice (9 hours)
Required Courses
RHAB 609 Practicum in Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling
RHAB 610 Internship in Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling I
RHAB 610 Internship in Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling II

Elective (3 hours)
RHAB 605 Sexual Aspects of Disability

Total Degree Requirements: 60 hours

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