Program Requirements

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the program, students will be prepared to:

  • Work in diverse populations and understand the culture of various school systems
  • Interpret psychological assessments to improve educational environment for the individual
  • Understand and analyze the effect of a student’s educational, social, or emotional problems in a school setting
  • Relate academic and theoretical learning in the five areas of comprehensive development school counseling

Program plan

Area I: Professional Studies (29 semester hours)
Required Courses
COUN 613 Cultural Perspectives in Counseling
COUN 614 Life Span Development
COUN 618 Ethics and Professional Issues
COUN 621 Research and Program Evaluation
COUN 630 Counseling Seminar
COUN 631 Introduction to School Counseling
COUN 632 Leadership and Administration in School Counseling
COUN 639 Practicum in School Counseling
COUN 640 School Internship 1
COUN 640 School Internship 2
COUN 644 Professional School Counseling Practice

Area II: Content and Related Studies (31 semester hours)
Required Courses
COUN 601 Career and Vocational Guidance
COUN 605 Group Counseling and Group Work
COUN 606 Counseling Skills and Techniques
COUN 608 Addictions Counseling
COUN 612 Counseling Theory
COUN 617 Assessment and Testing
COUN 623 Play Therapy
COUN 641 Theories of Family Counseling
COUN 642 Theories and Methodologies of Brief Therapy
COUN 643 Counseling for College Access and Career Readiness

Total Degree Requirements: 60 hours