Health Informatics Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics program familiarizes students with the unique blend of healthcare and data management, providing a competitive advantage in two very distinctive, but intertwined career fields. The program can be completed within four courses, allowing professionals to remain productive at work while obtaining the educational requirements needed for certification.

Students completing the certificate will be able to demonstrate knowledge of:

  • Healthcare technology, IT management and database skills
  • Clinical system and support training
  • Tele-health, risk assessment and ethics skills
  • The healthcare network, community partners and employment models
  • Healthcare systems analysis, design and development

Each course will be taught in a fully online format with weekly videoconferencing, allowing enrolled students to remain productive at work while continuing their education in an engaging and supportive academic environment.


To obtain the Health Informatics certificate, students will take one required course (INFM 605) and three additional informatics courses of their choosing. Students who successfully complete this certificate will have completed 40% of the graduate requirements in health informatics at Mercer University and can move into the Master of Science in Health Informatics degree program.

Required Courses
INFM 605 Informatics for Healthcare Systems
Additional Courses (Select three) 
INFM 615 Healthcare Data Management
INFM 635 Electronic Data Interchange Technologies in Health Informatics and Interoperability
INFM 625 Evidence Based Decision Making and Clinical Knowledge Management
INFM 645 Healthcare Informatics Risk Assessment and Ethics
INFM 655 Healthcare IT Project Management
INFM 665 Clinical Decision Support Systems and Tele-health in Health Informatics
INFM 675 Research Methods in Health Informatics
INFM 685 Healthcare Software Requirements Specification and Systems Analysis and Design

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For more information about the certificate program, please contact:

Marc Reece, Director of Graduate Admissions