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There is a uniqueness that the colleges and schools share with outcomes that reflect Mercer’s mission to educate the whole person. These core mission values provide the necessary foundation for disciplined study leading to a lifelong learning experience that makes up the General Education curricula.

The General Education requirements are an integral part of undergraduate education. The primary purpose is to introduce students to a broad range of fields and areas of study and to help prepare them to fully embrace the core mission of Mercer University. The requirements are also intended to introduce students to the major social, historical, cultural, intellectual, and spiritual forces that shape the contemporary world.

General Education is designed to help students cultivate and refine habits of mind that prepare them to contribute constructively and meaningfully to society. To realize this goal, General Education strives to instill in persons broader perspectives while empowering them to find a full and rich citizenship in a world in which different cultures, social institutions, and technologies intersect in diverse ways.

Through the general education curriculum students are prepared to:

I. Interpret the worlds of meaning constituted by texts, practices, and artifacts;

II. Explain how the world works using analytic and systemic reasoning;

III. Communicate in an informed manner in various public squares and spheres;

IV. Engage issues of ethics and social justice across cultures and disciplines.

The General Education portion of a student's program is generally 39 hours and are designed to meet each of the outcomes above. 

Outcome I. Interpretation and Citizenship: 12 hours

Outcome II. Explanation and Citizenship: 12 hours

Outcome III. Communication and Citizenship: 12 hours

Outcome IV. Engagement and Citizenship: 3 hours

Total hours: 39
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*The College of Professional Advancement provides the general education courses for various schools and colleges of Mercer University. Individual schools/colleges may also include additional college core requirements. Students should consult the requirements of their respective college to determine which courses are needed for graduation.