Program Requirements

Program plan

Major Core Requirements (18 hours)
INFM 605 Informatics for Healthcare Systems
INFM 615. Healthcare Data Management
INFM 635 Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Technologies in Health Informatics (HI) and Interoperability Standards
INFM 655 Healthcare IT Project Management
INFM 675 Research Methods in Health Informatics
INFM 700 Capstone Health Informatics Project

Elective Courses (choose 12 hours)
INFM 606 Human-Computer Interaction and Usability in Health Informatics
INFM 616 Health Data Analytics
INFM 625 Evidence-Based Decision Making and Clinical Knowledge Management (KM)
INFM 645 Healthcare Informatics Risk Assessment and Ethics
INFM 665 Clinical Decision Support Systems(CDSS) and Telehealth in Health Informatics
INFM 685 Healthcare Software Requirements Specification and Systems Analysis and Design
INFM 688 Special Topics in Health Informatics

Total health informatics degree requirements: 30 hours

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