Program Requirements

Learning outcomes

Whether students select the Digital Media Communication, Organizational Communication, or Public Relations concentration, they can be assured of quality instruction across all communication courses. Mercer is committed to offering the best communication program experience through a comprehensive curriculum. Upon program completion, students will be able to:

  • Speak, listen, and write effectively
  • Evaluate interpersonal and intercultural communication issues
  • Demonstrate comprehension of basic theories, principles, and concepts in communication
  • Act professionally and ethically in communication-related fields

The Bachelor of Arts in Communication requires a total of 120 semester hours including general education studies. Many students transfer credits to meet the degree requirements. If you have an associate degree or course credits from a regionally-accredited community or technical college, you may transfer qualifying credits toward a degree at Mercer University. We offer a comprehensive transfer credit policy.

Program plan

Foundations in Major (27 hours)
COMM 240 Popular Culture and Society OR COMM 251 Communication and Society
COMM 253 Gender Relations
COMM 309 Communication and Information Theory
COMM 330 Elements of Persuasion
COMM 340 Public Relations
COMM 350 Organizational Communication
COMM 360 Digital Media and Analytics
COMM 370 Intercultural Communication
ORGL 380 Applied Research Methods

Concentration (12 hours)
Students will choose one concentration.
A. Digital Media Communication
COMM 341 Public Relations Writing for Traditional and Digital Media
COMM 345 Mass Media and Society OR INFM 322 Introduction to Multimedia and Web Design Tools
INFM 372 Human-Computer Interaction and Design
COMM 496 Integrated Communication Capstone

B. Organizational Communication
COMM 255 Virtual Working Group Communication
COMM 270 Communication for Business
COMM 325 Nonverbal Communication
COMM 496 Integrated Communication Capstone

C. Public Relations
COMM 341 Public Relations Writing for Traditional and Digital Media
COMM 342 Public Relations Leadership
COMM 345 Mass Media and Society
COMM 496 Integrated Communication Capstone

Total major requirements: 39 hours
General education: 39 hours
Electives: 42 hours
Total degree requirements: 120 hours