Program Requirements

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the program, students will be prepared to:

  • Serve as skilled, innovative, principled, and ethical leaders who understand the foundations of organizational leadership
  • Contribute to the effective functioning of society at all levels
  • Demonstrate that leadership is a matter of influence, integrity, spirit, and respect regardless of the level of power or authority
  • Show proficiency in creative problem-solving and examining options in decision-making
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of research and careful data analysis in solving problems and addressing issues related to organizational leadership
  • Communicate effectively and demonstrate skill in professional presentations using, for example, statistical and visual forms of expression

Program plan

Required Core (19 hours)
LEAD600 Theories of Organizational Leadership
STAT600 Applications of Statistical Design
LEAD601 Ethical Challenges in Organizations
LEAD602 Organizational Theory and Behavior
LEAD603 Research Strategies for Leaders I
LEAD700 Research Strategies for Leaders II
LEAD705 Research Strategies for Leaders III

Concentration (12 hours)
Students will be able to tailor their degree by selecting one of three concentrations below:
Leadership and Organizational Development and Change
ORGD600 Organizational Development and Change
ORGD601 Organizational Consulting and Leadership Coaching
ORGD700 Building Organizational Culture
ORGD701 Leading the Strategic Planning Process

Leadership for the Health Care Professional
HCAL600 Introduction to Health Care Systems
HCAL601 Health Care Leadership
HCAL700 Health Care Policy and Law
HCAL701 Health Systems Budgeting for the Nonfinancial Leader

Leadership for the Nonprofit Organization
NONP 600 Introduction to the Nonprofit Sector
NONP 601 Nonprofit Governance and Volunteer Administration
NONP 700 Budgeting for the Nonprofit Sector
NONP 701 Capstone Leadership for the Nonprofit Organization

Total Degree Requirements: 31

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