Program Requirements

Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of the program, students will be prepared to:

  • Analyze existing technology applications to improve efficiency and effectiveness in an organization, field of study, or social/civic entities
  • Design and develop solutions that innovate the ways technology shapes information flow to improve information system performance in organizations to benefit society
  • Articulate ethical and social change aspects of innovating complex information systems

Program plan

General Education* 39 hours
*PSYC 111 is a required prerequisite to one major required course.

Major Requirements 30 hours
INFM 110 Introduction to Informatics
INFM 204 Digital Logic and Programming
INFM 312 Data Base Design and Data Processing
INFM 325 Management of Computer and Information Systems
INFM 331 Decision Theory
INFM 340 IT Innovation and Informatics
INFM 355 Systems Analysis and Design
INFM 372 Human-Computer Interaction and Design
INFM 400 Research Methods and Project Planning/Management for Information Technology and Informatics
INFM 480 Capstone Project for Information Technology and Informatics

Cognate Requirements 15 hours
Choose 15 credit hours from a disciplinary area or field of study.
Consult with your academic advisor to determine other courses you may wish to complete to increase your knowledge and skills for future employment or graduate work.

General Electives 36 hours
TOTAL 120 hours