Program Requirements

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the Organizational Leadership program students will be prepared to:

  • Demonstrate goal setting strategies through the development of a personal leadership action plan
  • Articulate a personal philosophy of leadership to lead by example by answering the question, “Should anyone be led by me?”
  • Apply research and statistical techniques to improve problem solving and decision making
  • Analyze organizational situations using ethical approaches to decision making
  • Employ leadership theories in a variety of leadership situations

Program plan

Foundations in Major (33 hours)
ORGL 210 Foundations of Leadership
HRAD 245 Introduction to Human Resources
ORGL 320 Human Behavior in Organizations
ORGL 330 Budgeting for Nonfinancial Leaders
ORGL 335 Contemporary Global Issues
COMM 350 Organizational Communication
ORGL 350 Values, Ethics, and Leadership Practice
ORGL 380 Applied Research Methods
ORGL 460 Strategic Leadership
ORGL 470 Organization Development and Change
ORGL 498 Organizational Leadership Senior Seminar

Electives in Major (6 hours)
Students will choose two electives from a selection of communication, healthcare leadership, human resources administration and development, human services, organizational leadership, and women’s and gender studies course options.

Total major requirements: 39 hours
General education: 39 hours
Electives: 42 hours
Total degree requirements: 120 hours