Program Requirements

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the program, students will be prepared to:

  • Design and develop platform independent digital applications by applying computerized information systems and user-centered system interface design principles
  • Use data-driven and human-centered evaluation processes to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of digital applications
  • Articulate practitioner and user responsibilities in employing the principles of application development and human-computer interaction in an ethical manner

Program plan

General Education* (39 hours)
*MATH 130 and PSYC 111 are required prerequisites to courses in the major required courses.

Foundations in Major (45 hours)
INFM 201 Introduction to Software Application Development and Human-Computer Interaction
INFM 202 Graphics and Interface Design
INFM 204 Digital Logic and Programming
INFM 210 Introduction to Programming Concepts
INFM 212 Web Development
MATH 225 Topics in Discrete Mathematics
INFM 310 Advanced Programming Concepts
INFM 312 Data Base Design and Data Processing
INFM 313 Data Base Design and Data Processing II
INFM 322 Introduction to Multimedia and Web Design Tools OR INFM 332 Client-Server Development
INFM 355 Systems Analysis and Design
INFM 372 Human-Computer Interaction and Design
INFM 382 Mobile Applications Development
INFM 412 Agile Methodology and Usability Study/Testing
INFM 482 Capstone Project for Software Application Development and Human-Computer Interaction

Total major requirements: 45 hours
General education: 39 hours
Electives: 36 hours
Total degree requirements: 120 hours