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World Humanities helps Mercer students major in changing the world

Mercer’s Bachelor of Arts in World Humanities explores cultures worldwide, aligning with the University’s focus on a global perspective. The World Humanities major equips students with essential tools and approaches to analyze different cultures and navigate cross-cultural and diverse interactions in our interconnected world.


Format: Online Start Terms: January, March, May, August, October Course Length: Eight weeks


Designed for busy and working adults

The 100% online humanities degree is designed to provide you with the flexibility to continue managing personal and professional priorities while earning your degree. Students can take two classes per week, meeting one night only, enabling them to comfortably maintain a work-life balance.

Engage in humanities through a global framework

The World Humanities major focuses on understanding what people say, do, and create in different cultures around the world, rather than emphasizing traditional subjects within the humanities. The bachelor’s degree in world humanities emphasizes comparing and interpreting texts, practices, and artifacts from various cultures.

The humanities classes explore topics such as:

  • Globalization
  • Connections between different oceanic regions and areas worldwide
  • Cultural movements and migrations of people across the globe
  • Comparing colonial, national, or global developments from different perspectives

Consider a fulfilling career in World Humanities

A major in World Humanities prepares citizens, professionals, and scholars of the 21st century for a complex and changing world through developing the capability to engage in cross-cultural critical inquiry. It also prepares graduates for professions in a globalized and transcultural society.

After graduating with your bachelor’s degree in humanities, you can create value for employers with the ability to:

  • Engage in cross-cultural critical thinking
  • Identify comparisons and acknowledge differences
  • Communicate across cultural, disciplinary, and organizational boundaries
  • Situate events and policies within different models of globalization and regionalization

Students who may benefit from the online humanities degree include those planning careers in:

  • Travel Writing
  • International or Global Non-Governmental Organizations
  • International Law
  • Foreign Affairs
  • Missions Programs
  • Global Health
  • International/Global Journalism
  • Heritage Tourism
  • Armed Forces
  • International/Global Human Resources
  • Global Social Work

Learn more about our World Humanities major:

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Understand diverse perspectives and make an impact with a bachelor’s degree in humanities

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Meet Our Professors

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