Program Requirements

Learning outcomes

Citizens, professionals, and scholars of the 21st century need a program that focuses on interpreting what humans say, do, and make across cultures and around the world while fostering:

  • An ability to negotiate contested interpretations of what humans say, do, and make across cultures and around the world.
  • An ability to make comparisons while also acknowledging differences.
  • An ability to engage in thoughtful, global scholarship (aspiring to do so without English language bias).
  • An ability to articulate different conceptions of globalization at work in different approaches to interpretation.

Program plan

Grade Requirements: A student seeking a major in World Humanities must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 in the courses required in the major to qualify for graduation. A student may not have any grade lower than a C in any course required for the major. The S/U grading option may not be elected for any required course in the major.

Core Curriculum (30 hours)

Interpreting Human Saying (oral and written)
(Choose 3 hours)
GLEN 245 Interpreting Narratives Across Cultures and Around the World
LITR/RELG 115 Readings in World Literature, Religion, and Citizenship
LITR 207/407 Topics in World Literature
LITR 247 Topics in British Literature
LITR/HUMA 334 Forms and Figures of Literature
LITR/HUMA 370 Interdisciplinary Approaches to Literature

Interpreting Human Doing (historical and anthropological patterns and practices)
(Choose 3 hours)
HIST 200/400 Topics in World History
HIST 220/420 Topics in European History

Interpreting Human Making (arts and artifacts)
(Choose 3 hours)
HUMA 115 Interpreting Artifacts Across Cultures and Around the World
HUMA 205 Film and Culture
MUSC 150 World Music Appreciation

Interpreting Human Saying, Doing, and Making (6 hours)
HUMA 315 Interpreting Texts, Practices, and Artifacts Across Cultures and Around the World
Prerequisite: LBST 175/180 or equivalent
In addition, choose one from the following:
RELG 220
LBST 250
HUMA 255

Engaged and Entangled World Humanities
(Complete all three courses.)
LBST 302 Studies of Cultures in Contact
LBST 303 Issues of Justice in a Global Community
SCLT 304 Ways of World making

Communicating Between Cultures and Nations
Choose one 3-credit hour course from the following:
GLEN 225 Languages in Contact
COMM 370 Intercultural Communication in a Globalized Society

Interpretation and Scholarship (3 credit hours)
HUMA 415 Directed Study in World Humanities Scholarship (12-16 weeks)

Total major requirements: 30 hours
General education: 39 hours
Electives: 51 hours
Total degree requirements: 120 hours