Fred W. Bongiovanni

Professor of Sociology and Religion
Chair, Department of Liberal Studies

Wesley N. Barker

Assistant Professor of Religious Studies

Arla G. Bernstein

Assistant Professor of Communication

J. Thompson Biggers

Associate Professor of Communication

Jared N. Champion

Assistant Professor of Writing and Interdisciplinary Studies

Timothy D. Craker

Associate Professor of English

Duane D. Davis

Professor Emeritus of Religion and Philosophy

Margaret H. Eskew

 Professor of English

J. Colin Harris

Professor Emeritus of Religious Studies

Ian C. Henderson

Professor Emeritus of Communication

Karen O'Neill Lacey

Associate Professor Emerita of English

Steve Miller

Assistant Professor of Humanities

Melanie Pavich

Associate Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies and Historical Studies
College Writing Coordinator

Hollis Phelps

Assistant Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies

Clinton Terry

Associate Professor of History

Andrea Winkler

Associate Professor of History