Health Coaching and Multidisciplinary Care Coordination

Healthcare executives must continue to strive for optimal performance in health and wellness as they face an increasingly competitive and demanding environment. The Health Coaching and Multidisciplinary Care Coordination program is a 10-module training system that prepares healthcare professionals to better engage and empower their patients. The program prepares health coaches to train and guide each patient through their therapeutic process:

  • To understand the information their physician provides
  • To ensure continuity of care across multiple specialties
  • To educate the patient in managing chronic diseases using evidence-based guidelines
  • Health coaches also help healthcare organizations reach their goals by:
  • Interpreting clinical and claims data to produce actionable steps that can lead to acceptable clinical outcomes
  • Achieving optimal results with varying populations
  • Minimizing hospital readmission rates for chronic diseases
  • Improving patient self-management of chronic diseases
  • Optimizing diagnostic tests and procedures for appropriate care
  • Managing the underuse, overuse, and misuse of resources

Health Coach Certificate Program modules:
Module 1: Introduction to Health Coaching (Face-to-Face Module)
Module 2: Roles of the Health Coach (Online Module)
Module 3: Evidence-Based Practice and Standards of Care (Online Module)
Module 4: Working with Your Patients (Online Module)
Module 5: Principles of Active Listening (Part I) (Face-to-Face Module)
Module 6: Principles of Active Listening (Part II) (Face-to-Face Module)
Module 7: Tapping into the Patient’s Learning Style and Facilitating Behavior Change (Online Module)
Module 8: Personalized Health Planning, Goal Setting, and Coaching Strategies/Techniques: Self-Management Support (Online Module)
Module 9: Multicultural Perspectives in Health Coaching (Online Module)
Module 10: Management of Information (Face-to-Face Module)

Program format

Our program combines the convenience of online learning with periodic face-to-face sessions where participants can collaborate with faculty and colleagues. The 10 modules are delivered to fit your schedule with classes held at your organization or one of Mercer’s locations around Georgia. Highly-qualified faculty from Mercer deliver the curriculum to achieve the outcomes noted above. All faculty qualifications and experience are documented and available for your review. Our current Health Coaching partner is Piedmont Healthcare.


For more information about enhancing your patient outcomes and registering your organization with Mercer, please contact:
Elisa Turner, Graduate Program Associate