Program Requirements

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an advanced understanding of theoretical perspectives of specific areas of human services administration and will apply appropriate theories to assess relevant research and case studies.
  • Articulate the concepts, principles, and processes related to service delivery for their chosen elective areas.
  • Design, evaluate, analyze, and complete a capstone focused on their chosen area of human services administration.

Program plan

Core Requirements (27 hours)
HSRV 601 Ethics for Human Services Professionals
HSRV 602 Families in Culture
HSRV 603 Human Services Systems, Policies, and Procedures
HSRV 604 Grantmaking
HSRV 605 Human Behavior and Leadership
HSRV 606 Marketing, Resource Development, and Social Entrepreneurship
HSRV 607 Program Planning and Evaluation
HSRV 608 Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods
HSRV 798 Human Services Research Project

Advisor Directed Electives (9 hours)
Choose three
HSRV 611 Adult Development
HSRV 612 Nutrition and Health Services for Older Adults
HSRV 613 Leisure and Recreational Services for Older Adults
HSRV 621 Child and Adolescent Development
HSRV 622 Nutrition and Health Services for Children and Adolescents
HSRV 623 Leisure and Recreational Services for Children and Adolescents
HSRV 690 Special Topics in Human Services Administration
Advisor Approved Electives from other College Graduate programs

Total Degree Requirements: 36 hours

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