Dr. Charles Roberts

Professor Emeritus of Mathematics
In Memoriam


  • B.S., Mercer University, 1969
  • M.A., Michigan State University, 1973
  • Ph.D., Michigan State University, 1994

Because of his strong desire to promote mathematics learning among ethnic minority students, he implemented and/or worked with several mathematics education programs, at both the college and pre-college levels, that were directed at this goal. Therefore, when Dr. Roberts became a member of the faculty of the College of Professional Advancement, he was able to rely on the insight and expertise gained from those experiences in working with our adult learners, most of whom have demographic backgrounds that are similar to previous students.

Dr. Roberts received an outstanding faculty award while at Michigan State University, and was recognized at Mercer for service to the university.

Research and professional interests

Over the years, Dr. Roberts’ pedagogical interests centered on the teaching and learning of mathematics, with a particular focus on instructional delivery in the support of students’ overall development as learners and successful students in the campus environment.

Recent publications

Dr. Roberts wrote several papers for presentation at national and local conferences and other types of meetings. They focused on concerns related to the teaching and learning of mathematics among minority students, educational programming for student development, and factors associated with students’ success in the educational environment, among others. He also wrote articles that explored these concerns for publication in educational journals. His dissertation research, titled Academic Development and Performance Enhancement among Minority Students Enrolled in Mathematics and Science Based Curriculum Programs at Post-Secondary Institutions, formed the basis for the great majority of the later educational research that he did after that time.