Dr. Fred W. Bongiovanni

Chair and Professor of Sociology and Religious Studies
Department of Liberal Studies


  • B.A., History, Towson University, 1975
  • M.Div., Theology, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1978
  • Ph.D., Sociology of Religion, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1984

Courses Taught

  • RELG 110 Introduction to Religion
  • RELG/SOCI 356 Sociology of Religion
  • RELG 225 Religion in the United State
  • LBST 275 Argument: Social Thought and Citizen
  • LBST 280 Argument: Public Discourse and Citizenship
  • LBST 210 The Idea of the University
  • LBST 310 Liberal Studies Thinking and Writing
  • LBST 302 Studies of Cultures in Contact
  • LBST 303 Issue of Justice in a Global Community
  • GLEN 235 Globalization and Social Change

Areas of Specialization

Secularization Theory, Lived Religion, and Women in Ministry

Research and professional interests

As a sociologist of religion, Dr. Bongiovanni studies religion as a social phenomenon, in terms of its beliefs, practices, and organizational forms. His teaching and research interests include secularization theory, religion in everyday life, and women’s ordination.

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