Dr. Hollis Phelps

Associate Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies
Department of Liberal Studies


  • B.A., University of Mount Olive
  • M.T.S., Duke University Divinity School
  • Ph.D., Claremont Graduate University

Prior to joining the Department of Liberal Studies, Hollis Phelps was an assistant professor of religious studies at the University of Mount Olive, in Eastern North Carolina. With broad yet critically-focused interests, Phelps has published widely in both academic and more popular outlets.

Courses Taught

  • LBST 302, Issues of Justice in a Global Community (Immigration)
  • LBST 305, Globalization and Citizenship (Climate Change)
  • LBST 360, Critical Approaches to Interdisciplinary Interpretation
  • RELG 110, Introduction to Religion
  • RELG 220, Survey of World Religions

Areas of Specialization

  • Continental philosophy
  • Critical theory and theories of religion
  • Politics and economics
  • Political theology
  • Religion

Leadership positions in the profession or discipline

  • Vice President-Elect, American Academy of Religion-Southeast Region
  • Fellow, Westar Institute

Research and professional interests

  • Continental philosophy of religion
  • Critical theory
  • Philosophical and political appropriations of biblical and theological texts
  • The relationship between theological concepts and economic concepts, especially in relation to credit and debt
  • The use of plant medicines and psychoactive substances in religious traditions

Research with Students or Opportunities

In addition to anything in my areas of specialization and research, I’m eager to work with students interested in exploring the political and social implications of their majors and areas of concentration.

Recent publications

      • Jesus and the Politics of Mammon (Cascade, 2019)
      • Religion and European Philosophy (Routledge, 2017)
      • Alain Badiou: Between Theology and Anti-theology(Routledge, 2013)

Contact Dr. Phelps

Office: Douglas 137B