What does a typical module session look like?

The standard module is a face-to-face one-week session, taught by a diverse team of qualified instructors at your location or one of Mercer's campuses. Each session begins at 9:00am through 4:00pm, Monday-Friday.  

What is the cost of attending Executive Leadership?

The standard course described above is $500.00 per participant per module; or, all three modules for $1,500.00 per participant. This price could vary depending on your specific needs.

Who will actually issue my certification for this course?

The College of Professional Advancement will issue your certification. The graduation ceremony follows immediately after the last face-to-face session. Those in attendance include the Dean, Associate Deans, Program Coordinator, Faculty, and key staff.

Can I get financial aid to help cover the cost of the program?

Unfortunately, this program does not qualify for financial aid (i.e., Pell grant, student loans, etc.) Mercer's Bursar's office can accept credit cards, check, or cash as payment.

Will I receive college credit in this program?

This certificate program is not designed to allow participants to earn college credit.

Is this program conducted in cohorts?

Yes, the program is conducted in cohorts in an effort to allow participants to advance together through the module coursework, while allowing participants the opportunity to work in collaborative groups to help them identify areas for growth, acquire new knowledge and skills, and apply their learning.